Winter Wonderland welcomes visits by guests with disabilities. We will do all possible ensuring a safe environment during your visit, however, certain attractions can be demanding.


We have the right to refuse admission to certain attractions should we feel there is a danger to a person for whatever reason. The Health & Safety Executive state that for these reasons no discrimination is evident.

Sign Posts at Attractions

This guide has been compiled to ensure you get the most out of your visit. Please observe the signage at each attraction. It is the guests responsibility to obey these instructions, before taking part in the activity or attraction.

Attraction Rules

Our attractions have strict regulations and not all are suitable for everyone for safety reasons. Ride Operators will not change these rules for any guests.


Transferring from a wheelchair is the guests' and helper responsibility. Ride Operators are not permitted to assist the transferring guests at any time. Operators will give full instructions for the activity.

First Aid

The First Aid point can be easily found by looking for the sign or asking any Ride Operator.

Car Parking

Car parking disabled bays are available but these are provided on a first come first served basis.


There are 10 disabled toilets at the venue which are fully accessible to wheelchair users.

Wheelchair/Pushchair Rental

Winter Wonderland does not currently rent out wheelchairs, electric buggies and pushchairs.

Entry Requirements

Due to the nature of this family event, we cannot allow groups of adults or single adults entry without an accompanying child. If you are joining a group who are already in the event, please respect our request that, prior to being permitted entry, you should ask the group to meet you at the entrance foyer where they can confirm that you are a member of their group.