Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What COVID-19 safety measures does Silcock’s Winter Wonderland currently have in place?

Our priority is still to ensure that our event is safe and enjoyable for everyone. COVID-19 Plan B has brought about a number of changes to our operation for the comfort and safety of staff and visitors. These include:

• The mandatory wearing of facemasks for staff and visitors
• Enhanced cleaning protocols
• The provision of anti-bacterial hand sanitiser stations
• Contactless payments/tickets
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Following the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding additional measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 there will be checks on arrival to Event City and all adults (18+) should be prepared to present their NHS COVID Pass upon request to confirm they are either fully vaccinated or have received a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours of the event. This will be implemented from Wednesday 15th December.

The process will be done through use of the NHS COVID Pass which is available via the NHS App or via other NHS services. The NHS COVID Pass lets individuals share their COVID-19 vaccination and test results in a secure way.

All adults (18+) should be prepared to present their NHS COVID Pass upon request to confirm they are either:

- Fully vaccinated (’doubled jabbed’)
- or have received a negative COVID-19 PCR or lateral flow test result within 48 hours.
- All children under the age of 18 are exempt.

How do you get an NHS COVID Pass?

One of the following three conditions must be met in order to receive an NHS COVID Pass. You will be able to obtain an NHS COVID Pass:

- two weeks after completing a full course of vaccination, whether that requires two doses or one dose
- after two doses of the Moderna, AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines, or after one dose of the Janssen vaccine
- with evidence of a negative PCR or rapid lateral flow test taken within 48 hours of entry to the event. Lateral flow tests taken at home will need to be reported into the public reporting system.
- with proof of natural immunity shown by a positive PCR test result for COVID-19, lasting for 180 days from the date of the positive test and following completion of the self-isolation period

We recommend that you download and use the NHS App on your smartphone. Once you have logged in to the NHS App, select ‘Get your NHS COVID Pass’ from the homepage, then follow instructions from the screen.

Please note that the NHS App is separate to the NHS COVID-19 app used for contact tracing and for checking in to venues. For further assistance, please click here.

If you obtain your NHS COVID Pass through the NHS App using an iPhone or iPad, then you will be able to store your NHS COVID Pass using the Apple Wallet. You will see the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ tab on your screen within the NHS App. If you store a PDF version of your NHS COVID Pass in your Apple Wallet, please note the expiry date – the PDF version will expire after 30 days. It will only refresh in the NHS App itself. This means you may need to download an updated NHS COVID Pass before you next need to use it.

There are a number of ways to show your NHS COVID Pass to enable you to enter Event City.

1. Through a PDF shown on a smartphone screen - Using the domestic option on the NHS App, you can download the NHS COVID Pass to your phone. This can also be printed off or requested via the online NHS COVID Pass service. You can also add your pass, once generated, to your phone wallet (currently available for iPhone) which we strongly recommend you do this ahead of attending in order to avoid any connectivity issues you may encounter at Event City.

2. Through the NHS App on a smartphone screen - Using the NHS COVID Pass function on the NHS App, you can demonstrate your COVID status using the domestic option. Make sure that the expiry date and time are valid.

3. Through the NHS COVID Pass letter - You can request proof of vaccination by telephoning 119, or via the NHS website and have a letter sent to you

- How to get your NHS COVID Pass letter. This may take up to five working days
- be sure to order this in plenty of time ahead of your trip to Event CIty.

4. Proof of clinical trial exemption - People who have received a vaccine as part of a formally-approved COVID-19 vaccine trial in the UK will be able to prove their status through the NHS COVID Pass or with a letter confirming their participation in the trial. Those who have participated in a clinical vaccination trial have been provided with a letter from their clinical research site.

5. Proof of test results – You may show a text message or email which confirms that you have received a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours of the event.


From 1 October 2021, the Government has allowed those with a valid exemption to register their status with the NHS. Registering will allow a customer to generate an NHS COVID Pass in the same way as if they had completed full vaccination or negative test. For further information on Government COVID Certification exemption policy please click here.

In settings where face coverings are required in England, there are some circumstances where people may not be able to wear a face covering. Please read the latest Government guidelines on Face covering exemptions.

We strongly advise that you prepare for this in good time ahead of the event. Do not leave it to the day of the event to get organised.

Why are we doing this?

- The government introduced mandatory COVID-19 checks as part of their ‘Plan B’ mitigations for reducing the risk of COVID throughout the winter. Silcock’s Winter Wonderland and Event City are therefore introducing these measures and we hope to create safe and enjoyable environments for all our staff and customers.

Are children exempt?

- Yes. Individuals under 18 are not required to demonstrate their COVID status but we encourage under 18s to have an up-to-date lateral flow test before attending the event.

If you do not have a smartphone, how do you show your NHS COVID Pass?

<> - You can request proof of vaccination by telephoning 119, or via the NHS website and have a letter sent to you
- How to get your NHS COVID Pass letter
- You can request a PDF version via the NHS website, which can be printed off
- You may show a text message or email which confirms that you have received a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours of the event

What should I do if I am not fully vaccinated?

- If you will not be fully vaccinated before the event (including those who have had their second dose within two weeks of the event), you will be required to take either a PCR or lateral flow test within 48 hours of your session. Proof of your negative test result must then be displayed via your NHS COVID Pass or via email or text.

Can I do a lateral flow test at Event City?

- There will not be any facilities at Event City to conduct lateral flow tests.

How do I request a lateral flow test?

- Visit to order kits to your front door. You can also pick up tests from pharmacies and other collection points or go to a test site.

Where will checks take place?

Visitors will be asked to show their covid status at the entrance to the Event City and our security team will be leading on these checks.

What if a visitor arrives without the appropriate documentation?

If a visitor arrives without the appropriate documentation when asked we will have no option but to refuse entry.

Do I need to wear a facemask while I am at Silcock’s Winter Wonderland?

Yes. It is a legal requirement that all staff and visitors wear facemasks in all areas of our building. The only exceptions will be when eating or drinking.

I am exempt from wearing a facemask. What do I do?

You will not be required to wear a facemask if you have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a facemask; or putting on, wearing or removing a facemask would cause you severe distress.

Children under the age of 12 will not be required to wear facemasks.

What if customers cannot attend?

Our ‘Book with Confidence-Exchange with Ease’ pledge allows individuals who cannot attend to exchange their booking without penalty. Please email